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We at Green Towing Long Beach are here to help you when you are in a bind. As a local company operating in the Canoga Park area, we are very committed to assisting local drivers with any car emergency problems they may encounter while on the road.

Reasonable Pricing, Excellent Roadside Assistance

Our commitment to excellence extends to all of our emergency towing and roadside services, so we only employ the best. Our staff is only made up of highly trained professionals. Tow trucks and state-of-the-art recovery equipment make up our fleet of equipment.

Our price – we offer affordable prices, just give us a call and ask for a quote for the service you need. EZ Towing Service works around the clock to ensure that we are always there for you if you need us! We provide roadside assistance for every type of issue you might encounter. Both long-distance and short-distance towing are available through our towing services.

Roadside assistance includes tire change, jumpstarting car batteries, and even remote gas delivery. We also provide car lockout services. Our operators are experienced with most makes and models of vehicles.

Emergency Winch Out Services in Canoga Park

Winch out service is provided to pull out your vehicle if it gets stuck, typically in mud, sand, water, or even in a roadside ditch, or on uneven surfaces when a car loses traction. We will get your vehicle back onto the road.

In tough locations, we winch vehicles out with off-road equipment. Muddy and slippery terrain, steep hills, tight enclosures, bodies of water, and embankments, for instance. We can deploy the winch, a heavy-duty towing cable, from the front, side, or back of the vehicle, allowing us to recover vehicles from any angle.

Whenever your vehicle is stuck, either in difficult terrain where the wheels are stuck, or if it has been so severely damaged that it can no longer be driven, you will need a winch out professional to remove it and tow it to the destination – the repair shop or any destination in Canoga Park.

We have specialized winch-out experts who have had the necessary training. The operators arrive quickly and work efficiently to get you back on the road, or at least to the repair shop.

With our team of experts working around the clock and our affordable rates, we can make sure we will be there for you if you ever need a winch out services in Canoga Park.

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