Wheel Lift Towing

Towing with a wheel lift is perfect for light-duty towing. You can tow your vehicle with a wheel lift tow truck if it has a front or rear-wheel drive. Steel pins are used to secure brackets onto the wheels, so as not to damage your car. When towing it to a close-by location, this type of towing is ideal.

Wheel Lift Towing – How It’s Done

A wheel lift works by using a metal yoke to grab a hold of a vehicle from the rear or front. The hydraulic lift is then used to prevent any damage to the underside or bumper. In comparison with the traditional hook and chain tow trucks, they are a better choice. It should be noted that some vehicles cannot be lifted with a wheel lift because they have a low profile (close to the ground). A wheel lift towing system clamps onto the front or rear wheels and then lifts them to gain free movement.

In confined spaces and tight spots, wheel lift towing allows vehicles to maneuver more easily. Suppose the car breaks down while parked parallel, one must find a way to remove the car without damaging adjacent cars. This is when wheel lift tow trucks can come in, as they can remove the car quickly and easily. Due to the simplicity of the method among other towing methods, it requires little effort and equipment. Two-wheel drive vehicles are also able to be moved out of tight spaces with minimal vehicle damage. Our towing team has been able to transport many vehicles efficiently using wheel lift towing due to its capability. Despite its small size, the towing truck is incredibly powerful. Whenever it is needed in a towing situation, we deploy it to ensure easy and hassle-free towing.

Fast Effective Towing

We at EZ Towing Service offer quality towing service with well-maintained, modern tow trucks. We offer a comprehensive fleet of tow trucks that are fully stocked with tools and equipment. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you are towing or hauling, be it a motorcycle, car, van, truck, or anything else, we can handle it quickly and effectively. At the same time, we place a high priority on the safety of you and your vehicle, while satisfying our customers.

We are aware that these vehicle problems can occur anywhere, whether at work, at home, in town, or even outside of town. Our company provides not only wheel lift towing services but also various types of towing and roadside assistance in the Canoga Park area. If you require additional towing or roadside assistance, let them know and they will address your vehicle’s problems.

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