Long Distance Towing

Traditionally, dolly towing involves lifting the front end of a vehicle off the road and moving the vehicle on its back tires. To tow long distances or under special circumstances, we use a flatbed truck which provides greater stability and safety for all kinds of cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Long Distance Towing by Our Expert Crew

Our fleet of modern flatbed trucks is durable enough to travel hundreds of miles across California as well as to other parts of the United States. Our company is equipped and experienced to tow across the country.

Long-distance towing can be accomplished by our experienced, qualified, and specially trained tow truck drivers.

Long-distance towing is generally 100 miles or more. Vehicles as light as a car or small truck may be towed. The vehicle owner may tow the vehicle themselves. Dolly can be purchased or rented. The vehicle is resting at an angle on the dolly while the front or rear tires are mounted on the dolly. In long distances, this method has the disadvantage that the vehicle will suffer wear and tear.

Putting a lightweight vehicle on the back of a flatbed and securing it is the most common way to transport them across a state or country. Generally, this method is used when traveling long distances. These types of towing are offered by specialists. A schedule is usually made in advance for pickup and delivery.

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Towing long distances isn’t the same as regular towing. When you need a vehicle transported over a long distance from a nearby location, rather than just across town or to your home, this is long-distance towing. If you need your car towed for a short distance, local towing services are available. You should choose long-distance towing if you need your vehicle towed across the country or to a nearby city. Carrier networks ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination safely.

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