Battery Replacement

It may seem easy and simple enough to fix your car battery on your own, but it is not. You could cause serious damage to your vehicle’s electrical system or cause a battery or acid explosion. The digital dash gauges in cars are prone to these issues, especially if you don’t know how they work. If you perform a battery jump start or installation incorrectly, you will incur even more unnecessary damage and have to pay twice as much.

Battery Replacement Service

It is best to leave the battery replacement and jump start to the professionals. You may spend more, but the difference in skills and knowledge is well worth it. As a result of the high risks, we do not recommend DIY unless you are a mechanic. The professional auto repair technicians and mechanics at EZ Towing Service know exactly how to handle car battery problems for Canoga Park drivers and vehicle owners. Furthermore, we do not let price be one of your worries since our services are affordable and within any budget.

Some vehicle owners leave interior or exterior lights on after parking their vehicle for the night or day, which can drain the battery. Low batteries can also cause the vehicle to malfunction. It is imperative that drivers ensure that all interior lights are turned off, any attached electronics are disconnected from the USB ports or lighter ports, and also the headlamps are turned off. In addition, it is a good idea to keep track of the warranty dates of your vehicle batteries to see if they can be replaced at no cost by the battery dealer.

Let Us Do the Task for You

We recommend calling us if you are trying to jump-start your battery and it does not seem to work. You should also take note of the effect of cold weather on battery life. A brand new battery will be driven to you by a service technician who knows the specifications of your vehicle. You need to tell the roadside assistance tech your exact make and model of vehicle in order to get the correct battery.

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